Startup World North America Recap!

After another whirlwind tour meeting incredible entreprenuers and startups from all over North America, we're back in SF planning the grand finale. But first let's recap the winners! 

Startup World : Montreal Winner!


reelyActive's crowdsourced infrastructure is capable of identifying virtually any wireless device. The result is hyperlocal context: a digital representation of the people and things at points of interest. Hyperlocal context discovery allows the occupants of a space to communicate and collaborate via the web.

Startup World : New York City Winner!


Placemeter is a platform that senses and unlocks massive amounts of data about activity in physical places. Through the use of proprietary and crowdsourced sensors combined with large real time data feeds and computer vision algorithms, Placemeter indexes the physical world in real time and make it accessible to users, businesses and cities.

Startup World : Miami Winner!


LiveNinja is a live video chat marketplace that connects you with experts (we call them Ninjas) from around the world. Learn, Ask, and Collabroate with Ninjas on just about any topic!

Startup World : Vancouver Winner!


Change Heroes is a friend-funding platform that enables anyone to raise $10,000 to build a school with Free the Children.

We'd like to give a big thanks to Tropo, American Airlines and Plug and Play for being the amazing sponsors and partners they've been. Without their support, all of this wouldn't be possible. Stay tuned for details of the Grand Finale!

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